Syncro Vanagon Technica


Syncro viscous coupling & differential lock FAQ

A discussion of the syncro system and how it works written by certified SyncroHead Jim Davis.

Interview with a viscous coupling expert

Derek Drew tracks down and interviews an expert on viscous couplings. Find out what he learned.

Four-wheel drive, a ride on the mild side, and gives good bed

First road test of the Vanagon Syncro, Car & Driver, February 1986.

AirLift suspension tests

Peter Buettner tests a $70 add-on air suspension system.

Recommended tires & wheels

Recommended tires and wheels for Syncros and 2WD Vanagons.

Rotating syncro tires

Recommended rotation patterns for 4, 5, and 6-tire rotations.

Syncro gas tank removal and cleaning

"Good Vibrations" not so good in your Syncro?

What is causing your mysterious 35 mph vibrations, and what you can do about it.

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