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Eurasian Auto
2931 4th Ave. South
Birmingham, AL

+1 (205) 251-9263

Good on air-cooled vw's, doesn't like to work on water-cooled Vanagon engines.

Sunshine Rae's
175 E. Van Horn Rd.
Fairbanks, AK 99701

+1 (907) 452-8913

Tim Slager writes:

They worked on my Volvo last year. Great prices and service. A vanagon in distress showed up while I was there. They, too, loved the service. The guy running the place was an aeronautical engineer. Smart, friendly, helpful. Can't say enough. I wish his shop was in my town.

BB's Project VW
281 VW Bug Blvd.
Clarkdale, AZ 86324

+1 (928) 634-8146

I have owned 7 VWs over the years (I have two '69 Buses) and have had only one(!) mechanic for twenty years: Bruce Brimhall of BB's Project VW. He is near Prescott, Flagstaff, Cottonwood, and Sedona, about 100 miles north of Phoenix. He has won several Firsts and Seconds in various categories at the Bug Runs as well as for his Gearloose Ghia dragster. If you have owned as many VWs I have, you know the rarity of a good mechanic. Bruce is not only that, he is a great mechanic.

Bruce is still the best in the West after 30 years of only repairing air-cooled VWs! – Jim Bergstrom

German Motors
1121 S. Wilbur St #10
Mesa, AZ 85210

+1 (480) 969-9388

I have a 1991 Westy and they do all the work. They really know Vanagons, the owner Dave has a 1987 Westy. They are honest, reasonable, and really know their stuff. – Steve Campbell

Little Germany
5235 E. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, Az 8571

+1 (520) 881-3273

"The Vanagon Engine Connection", specializing in water-cooled engine rebuilds. All 1.9 & 2.1 rebuilt longblocks are $1,599.00 with a rebuildable core exchange.

1340 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702

+1 (510) 524-3881

Roy writes:

John is a great mechanic, and they're reasonably priced.

Griffin Motorwerks
1485 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702

+1 (510) 524-7447
+1 (510) 524-4946 fax

Dave Bayer writes:

I have found Griffin Motorwerks on San Pablo in Berkeley to be knowledgable. He is pretty honest (told me straight up how much he was making on the parts) and has helped me through the first head gasket replacement. I don't know if you goes by book time, and is an "interesting" fellow but they have done good work...

Karma Karmix
1453 4th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-1335

+1 (510) 558-0111

Steven X. Schwenk writes:

Steve is pretty knowledgable and has integrity...VW guru.

Precision Peoples
   Auto Repair

1346 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702

+1 (510) 524-1911
+1 (510) 524-5121 fax

Martin Jara writes:

My mechanic is very good. He's worked on my Miata, Subaru and Westfalia and I've been pleased. Ken's very helpful and friendly, and knows a ton about VW's.

Sierra German Auto
2035 N. Sierra Hwy.
Bishop, CA 93514

+1 (760) 873-8923

John Cunningham writes:

Tim Miller is an expert, honest, mechanic steeped in the vageries of German autos. Very dependable prompt service at fair prices.

Bela's Foreign Car Repair
2525 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91504

+1 (818) 842-9464

Suzanne Hackett writes:

Bela's a little like having John Belushi working on your car, but he is good, cheap, but hard to get an appointment with.

Canoga Auto Service
6933 Canoga Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91303

+1 (818) 883-0345

Suzanne Hackett writes:

Frank is a German car specialist and really is good (he insists on always using original factory parts). He's also fun, honest, and courteous.

Maxed Performance
7281 Autopark Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

+1 (714) 848-1730

Ben Alesna writes:

"Super service and integrity run by Max and his son-in-law. He did my new engine for my 83½ Westfalia at 90,000 and it's running like a charm at 208,000. He has had a couple of custom bugs featured on the cover of VW Magazine."

Fred's Garage
416 "D" Street
Redwood City, CA 94063

+1 (650) 368-5343

Ron Lussier writes:

    Probably one of the best Volkswagen repair shops in the San Francisco bay area. One customer writes "They are all German trained mechanics and work on nothing but VW's and Audi's They treat you like a human being and are scrupulously honest."

South Bay Body Shop
417 "D" Stree
Redwood City, CA 94063

+1 (650) 368-0513

Ron Lussier writes:

Right next door to Fred's, this shop does first-class work.

Stephan's Auto Haus
3940 Attawa Ave
Sacramento, CA 95822

+1 (916) 456-3040

Justin Perkins writes:

Stephan specializes in Syncro Vanagons, but works on all varieties of vehicles. He replaced the transmission in my Syncro, not to mention a million other things for me (getting the A/C working was a big one). He is a great shop owner, excited to meet people into Syncros and always the most straight up honest, reliable, trustworthy mechanic.

Valley Wagonworks
193 Mill Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

+1 (415) 457-5628
+1 (415) 457-0967 fax

"Intimately acquainted with VW Vans since 1959"

Coby Smolens from Valley Wagonworks is a frequent contributor to the Vanagon mailing list.

Glenn's Garage
5833 Winfield Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95123

+1 (408) 225-6385

Sam Musleh writes:

Glenn, of Glenn's Garage, has no employees so he cannot handle too many vehicles at once. He doesn't advertise either so he will not usually have many vehicles ahead of you when you come in. As a matter of fact, he had the garage's one car bay open and he was waiting for me when I came in. It's nice to see a shop that respects a prearranged appointment!

Anyway, to make a long story short, Glenn repaired the various things wrong with my van and found that several problems the VW dealer diagnosed were items that either were not what was wrong or they simply didn't need fixing yet. His estimate was $900, two thirds of what VW wanted for the same repairs. Minus the unnecessary repairs that didn't get done, his final price came in at less than $650. My van has run very well since then and I will always bring it back to Glenn's Garage for further repairs. .

Sonnen Motors
San Rafael, CA 94901

+1 (800) 766-6361
+1 (415) 460-4100
+1 (415) 456-2206 fax

Steven X. Schwenk writes:

Sonnen VW over in Marin is good... expensive and a pain to drive over the bridge...but they have always done excellent work and know Vanagons... Their facility is brand new, immaculate and well equipped.

Fast German Auto
2911 S. Oak St.
Santa Ana, CA 92707

+1 (714) 979-2971
+1 (888) 211-3334
+1 (714) 979-2974 fax

(Riddle Machine Co.)
520 E. Dyer Rd.
Santa Ana, CA 92707

+1 (714) 549-0357
+1 (800) 331-4775

Mail order VW machine shop, highly recommended by Bob Hoover. Casework, heads, linebores, casesavers, balancing, etc. They still do a tremendous amount of VW work, so they have the setups and know what they are doing. When your machinist comments, "Gee, haven't had to do a VW engine in a coupla years...", think RIMCO.

Cory Motors
429 E. Montecito Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

+1 (805) 965-4581

Brent Christensen writes:

"Mike Cory is the owner and prinicpal mechanic. He is definitely one of the most honest, knowledegable, and trustworthy mechanics I have ever been to. He works on a LOT of Vanagons and is even very familiar with Syncros. His prices are very reasonable, and he is very easy to talk to - he will even explain procedures to you as he works on the car, and doesn't mind being watched while he works. I would give Cory Motors the highest rating possible for honesty, reliability, knowledge, and quality of work."

H & R Motors
511 E. Richardson Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

+1 (805) 965-6757

Chris Radcliffe writes (29 jan 2002):

"I had a great experience with H&R Motors today (Seth Hatfield). One CV replaced, both sides fully cleaned and re-packed. Great folks to deal with, knowledgeable, fair pricing. Seth's setup seems similar to Fred's in Redwood City: well established, faithful following, funky setting. Just like all our favorite places, I'm sure. Visit Seth at H&R if you ever need help, or are considering a Subaru conversion. He's stoked on those and has done a number of them."

New Dimensions
2240 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA

+1 (408) 980-1691

Recommended by Lance Maurer.

German Car Service
2202 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

+1 (310) 829-1477

Ben Alesna writes:

"Bruno Heidenwag is the owner/mechanic, who still has the heavy Deutch accent after being here 40 years. The the highest level of integrity and great work. Super clean shop, that was once written up as one of the best foreign car repair shops in LA Magazine. Still drives an '82 Westfalia, even though he is well beyond the point of having to."

T-N-T Automotive
3303 East 19th Street
Signal Hill, CA 90804

+1 (562) 439-6720

"Tom is the owner and sole mechanic. I've tended to do most of my own work when I could over the years and have only taken things to him that I didn't know how to fix or that were a bigger job than I wanted to hassle with. He's knows his stuff and has never told me something was wrong that wasn't -- I've tested this because usually I knew what was wrong and didn't want to do it myself out of the size of the job. That and every time I always could honestly say that I wouldn't have charged less than he did. He's a good guy."

Erik Rhodes

A&B Import Auto
1943 East Lincoln Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

+1 (970) 221-4700
+1 (970) 221-3735 fax

"They specialize in european autos and have provided me with years of quality, friendly and affordable service on both my 86 syncro GL and most recently on the 91 syncro westy I traded for. Before purchasing the 91 westy I had it checked out by two shops in Seattle (one VW dealer and one independent shop). Upon bringing the new westy back to the rockies I took it into A&B for an altitude adjustment and they found several things that both shops in Seattle had missed. They are thorough and efficient. Their VW specialist is Charles, he works on both air and watercooled VWs is intimately familiar with syncros and has years of experience working at the local VW dealership."

Michael Boswell

Frey's Foreign Cars
2550 49th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

+1 (303) 440-0725

Jamie Balliett writes:

Mark loves and hates Vanagons. A pure spirit, he'll tell you what's wrong, what they did wrong when they made it, and why it will go wrong again in the future. He gives it straight and doesn't monkey around. After you get past the direct and at times, brutal, reality, you'll see how sharp and focused Mark is. He is VERY knowledgeable and even though his shop is not called "VW this" or "vw that", this is his specialty. Mark prefers to work on a step by step basis and teach you as much as he can. He's a gem in the rough and worth the call.

Jay's Bugg House
2625 East Platte Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

+1 (719) 520.1888


Bristol Motor Works
237 East Main Street,
Bristol, CT 06010

+1 (860) 585-9383

"Dennis, the owner, works on German made autos only, and owns a 1981 Vanagon himself. It was a pleasure dealing with such a craftsman, and I was happy to pay his bill, though it certainly wasn't small."

Jesse Gallagher

Fischer's Automobile Repair
3428 Old Capitol Trail
Wilmington, DE 19808-6124

+1 (302) 999-8700

Karl Ploessl writes:

Horst Fischer is the owner of this repair place (he is of German origin :-)). He works on VW and Audis. He worked on my '81 VW vanagon westy a few times and I was happy with his work. I talked to a couple which had their Eurovan fixed and they seemed to be pleased too. There are quite a few busses, vanagons and eurovans in the yard and in the back all type of VWs from beetles to rabbits, busses... (all orderly aligned :-)

Rick's VW Repair

1724 Snug Harbor Pl.
Sarasota , FL 34234
+1 (941) 365-6684

"Rick was factory trained in the 60's and has worked on VWs since. He is highly recommended by most in the Sarasota area. He works on all the air cooled and water cooled up to 1990. He came highly recommended to me when I first moved here 5 years ago, and I've not used any other mechanic since. He also has his own supply of used parts and deals in new parts as well."

Eileen Marshall

Beaver Automotive
631 Washburn road
Melbourne, Florida

+1 (407) 259-4771

VW AIR/ WATER cooled parts & service specializing in new & used parts; rebuilt engines; buy junk vw's parts 10%-50% off list;open monday thru saturday 8-5:30

"This guy is extremely reasonable.....if he thinks you can do it yourself, he'll send you home with the admirable trait in the vw family"

Todd Diciurcio

Aristocrat Volkswagen
4175 Highway 17/92
Sanford, FL 32773

+1 (407) 321-2277

"Aristocrat Volkswagen has been been fixing my 89' Westfalia since it was new. I know that dealers knowledge and reputations are sometimes questionable but this is not the case with Aristocrat. Two of the mechanics have Westfalias and I know them very well. Everyone at Aristocrat has been there for a while and they are very fair and honest. Everytime I go to Aristocrat they are working on some Westys and/or Vanagons. They also have one of the largest Volkswagen junkyards in FL with hundreds of VWs and 10,000 sq. ft of parts."

Jeff Layton

Allan's Auto
211 W. 40th
Garden City, ID 83714

+1 (208) 345-3421

I just returned from a 5,000 mile roadtrip through the Northwest. My steering stabilizer bar broke on my 1969 Van and I found a wonderful group of guys who did great repairs. Mike Allan and Shawn at Allan's Auto work on anything VW and have fair prices, quick service, and great attitudes. They found a used bar off one of the many parts vehicles they have in their yard and found me a used driver's seat as well. They have access to old parts in the surrounding area's vehicle yards.

Celeste Bergstrom

University Imports
218 E 8th St.
Moscow, ID 83843

+1 (208) 882-1348

Randy has been working on my VWs for 20 years. He is honest, fair, and won't try to fix things by throwing new parts at it. Once he had replaced an axle boot on my '83 Westy, and it broke down in Seattle the next week. I had to pay a local dealer to fix it. When I got back to Moscow, I talked to him about it. He called the dealer who did the work, and wrote me a check for the cost of the repairs on the spot.

He doesn't do electronics or transmissions.

Mike Finkbiner

Mr. Wong
6100 S. Blackstone
Chicago, IL 60637

+1 (773) 241-6044

I've had Mr. Wong help me out with both an '84 vanagon and a '93 eurovan. He'll work on anything, but vw's are definitely his strong point. He's by far the most knowledgeable mechanic regarding the vw vans I've come across, and consistantly does great work at really amazing prices.

Examples: changing front cv boots and brake pads on eurovan for under $250, putting timing belt back on eurovan for $70 (VW wanted $300, claiming they needed to drop the engine). Another time, my friends old
BMW was totally toast on the side of the road. Instead of telling the guy to have it towed (for at least $75), he took what he needed to where the car was, and fixed it right there for a very reasonable price.

Wesley Alden Pegden

Import Service
1822 Lehigh Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025

+1 (847) 724-4336
+1 (847) 724-8003 fax

Pete (the owner) has done extensive work on my '90 to my satisfaction. He services a few Vanagons and earlier busses, and does a lot of other German and other import service. He does not do air conditioning work, however. Fair prices, and does not mind you bringing your own parts for him to install.

Ed Morrell

Paulli's Imports
111 Phelps Avenue,
Rockford, IL 61108

+1 (815) 398-9598

They have a very good rep with air cooled and water cooled VWs.

Dave Ohlemacher

Phillips Automotive
310 North Mulford Road,
Rockford, IL 61107

+1 (815) 395-6500
+1 (815) 231-7147 fax

"I've had excellent service fro Phillips Automotive in Rockford."


Ritchey's Imported
   Car Service

1612 Lincoln Way West
South Bend, IN

+1 (219) 287-9121

Scott Johnson writes:

Anything I feel reluctant about goes to these guys. I think they would prefer to work on British cars, but seem to know the VW's. They are a bit pricey, but competent.

Jerry's Bug Works
Keosauqua, IA

+1 (319) 293-9113

Jerry's Bug Shoppe
4290 NW 2nd Ave.
Des Moines, IA

+1 (515) 282-7940

Just south of I35/I80 on 2nd Ave.

Westport Road

Louisville, KY

+1 (502) 426-6266

David Clark writes:

Most honest mechanic I've ever come across. Specializes in VWs.

Auto Centro Inc.
7406 Westmore Road,
Rockville, MD 20850

+1 (301) 340-2444

"I've found Autocentro (near Rockville Metro) very knowledgeable about Vanagons, and they have check ratings for quality of work and low prices from Washington Consumers Checkbook. Great diagnosticians, and also good at saving money, advising against unnecessary work. I think they are the best in the DC area, and they are on the Baltimore side.

It's a father-son operation, the father was VW trained back in the aircooled days, and the son is of the watercooled generation. Together they are great. After servicing my 90 Syncro Westie for a few years, I bought a 83 9pax sunroof GL. The first thing the father said when he saw it - I didn't mention the year- was" It's a very early waterboxer. Those are the ones you have to lift the front end 14 inches before you bleed them." These guys know these cars, though they tend to work on upmarket stuff, Audi Quattros and Porsches.

They are very busy, and have made a conscious decision to not expand the service department beyond the level they feel they can maintain quality control. Typically a "first visit" will be three weeks away. Once you are an established customer -they maintain three cars for me- they have better flexibility."

Tom Forhan

VW Joe
Severna Park, MD

+1 (410) 544-1483

A VW mechanic/technician/specialist with 25 years experience. Joe Langlois has serviced Vanagons since they came out, and currently owns a 1990 White Vanagon.

Leins Auto
65½ Bow St.
Somerville, MA 02143

+1 (617) 623-9000

Luis Leins began working at this shop (then called 'Petrocelli Bros') when he came to the U.S. at age 18. In 2000 the original owners retired and Luis purchased the business. He's been working on VW's now for over 30 years.

The sign says Complete Repair & Rebuilding of Volkswagen Vehicles and they fufill that statement. Beetles, Buses, Vanagons & Eurovan. Audi and other makes also. Years ago, I found Luis online when I needed a Vanagon head replacement. Later, when rust began to overtake my 1990 GL, he found a 1989 California GL for me at auction.

Time passed & I had the entire 1989 van painted there – they removed the windows (!!!) to hunt down pockets of Massachusetts rust before painting. Very thorough.

Service is easy to schedule with two other mechanics (they're brothers!) working 5 1/2 days a week. (Usually about 10 vehicles for sale). It is easy to have a comfortable working relationship with them.

Recommended by James H. McCarthy & Stephen Thorp.

Foreign Car Services
1104 Portage Rd.
Kalamazoo, MI

+1 (616) 342-6994

"The shop does a range of German cars, lots of nice Porsches, and BMWs in the lot, but they know VWs too. Not cheap, but appear to be very competent."

Spring Valley Motors
735 Mill St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

+1 (616) 381-6070

"It's a really good shop."

4411 Delemere
Royal Oak, MI 48073

+1 (248) 649-3636
+1 (248) 649-7805 fax

Specializes in VW, Audi, BMW, & Porsche. They've had the same mechanic for some 30 years...

Gene's Repair, Inc.
100 Industrial Drive
P.O. Box 10
Eagle Lake, MN 56024

+1 (507) 257-3312

"Located about 5 miles east of Mankato in Southern Minnesota. I think at one time he only worked on VW, but moved into other imports as need increased. If you go there let him know you heard about him from the vanagon list and tell them Dale, the guy who had his '84 Westy overhauled with one of Boston Bob's engines, I'm sure he will be pleased to know that a good word has been passed along about him."

Dale Hartman

Good Carma
2319 1/2 Jackson St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418-3617

+1 (612) 781-3446

Recommended by Michael Howes:

Call?he guys at Good Carma?or honest reliable work on your VW/Audi. Good Carma?as years of experience with Eurovans, Vanagons, and Microbuses. Customer satisfaction in key. "What comes around, goes around."

Volkswagen Man
718 East Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414-1126

+1 (612) 331-3245

"They specialize in VW's (air and water cooled), are honest, conscientious and reasonably priced. I have found them to be more knowledgable than the dealer in many cases."

Kevin Mulligan

Ron's Foreign Auto Repair
Co. Road #540
Benton, MO 63736

+1 (573) 545-3614

Located about 4 miles off Interstate 55, between Cape Girardeau and Sikeston, MO, or about 2 hours south of St. Louis. He knows VW's, appears to be honest, and hourly rate is very reasonable.

Cordel Foreign Motors Inc
8616 L Street
Ralston, NE 68127-1624

+1 (402) 592-2288

Recommended by Robyn Rudisill:

I found them to be honest, timely and quite friendly. They did a great job on my 91 Westy Syncro.

Bart's Auto
1725 E 2nd
Reno, NV 89502

+1 (702) 329-4349


J & J VW Vans
260 Telegraph Road
Reno, NV 89502

+1 (775) 323-4943

"They're true-blue VW lovers, and specialize in Syncros. They also do very nice work and I have to say that they have a good eye for Westies. They tend to only buy vans free of rust and fix them up before sale, and from the looks of their own Syncros, they know how to take good care of them."

Robert Stratton

Wicklund's Foreign Auto
240 North State St.
Concord, NH 03301

+1 (603) 224-2102
+1 (800) 287-2102

Bob is a crusty devil who has been maintaining our Gon for years. According to Bob, his record time for getting an engine out of a VW is six minutes -- "on the ground", as he put it. Last time we were there, he had four Gons on the lot and another on the lift!

Bob works on aircooled and watercooled engines, and does the head gaskets on watercooleds routinely. He doesn't do major engine work like rebuilds, but will do just about everything else.


426 High Street
Burlington, NJ 08016

+1 (609) 387-3031

"They are super nice and really know their stuff."

Ann Rowley

(1 complaint)

2001 Lakeshore Dr.
Millville, NJ 08332

+1 (609) 327-0027
+1 (609) 327-2242 fax

Terry LaCasse VW
902 Central Nassau Rd.
Hoags Corners
East Nassau, NY 12062

+1 (518) 766-5654

He has been working on VW's since the 60's and knows his way around a Vanagon. He has several on the lot for sale. Theses are really beautiful machines and hardly have any rust on them for being in the salt belt.

Jason M. Yasment

Kaddo Auto Sale
15th & Hutton Streets
Troy, NY 12180

+1 (518) 266-1454

Mike Kaddo has been working on VW's for over 20 years. He is one of the nicest mechanics that you will ever meet. He is never to busy to answer your question or lend a helping hand with your VW. He works on both air and water cooled VW's. He has done work on my 80 westy as well as my 99 jetta, and my roommates 69 Notch Back. He is a true VW lover.

Levin Harris

Touring Car Inc.
300 Seaboard Drive
Matthews NC 28104

+1 (704) 821-7023

John Graham writes: "Dan is one of the now rare shop owners who has several Vanagons of his own. He carries a fair stock of the items that frequently break or wear out on a Vanagon and certainly knows the ins and outs of the various model years. His shop area is neat and business like and I've always felt like I was treated fairly in dealing with him. Their current website doesn't convey any of the value that I have for the place. You'll not find any reference to a Vanagon; it's all glitz about sporty cars that he works on – but who could make their entire living just on Vanagons these days.

Metric Motors
2718 S. Saunders St.
Raleigh, NC 27603

+1 (919) 828-9774

David A. Higginbotham writes:

Jerry specializes in Porsche and BMW, there is always at least one restoration in progress in his shop at all times. He will work on VW's and Japanese vehicles as well. He rebuilt the engine in our 82 westfalia two years ago and the only time I have had a problem, a 'breather hose'? came off (it would not idle), I called him from the road and he told me what to do over the phone. He has a very dry sense of humor, is reasonably priced, his shop is in an industrial area of town.

Transporter Werkes
518 South West Street,
Raleigh, NC 27601

+1 (919) 834-2800 writes:

Sean Frasier of Transporter Werkes is incredible. We have replaced just about everything on our '86 Westfalia, including the engine, and he has been wonderful. He is located near the Amtrak station on West Ave.

Village Motorwerks
2120 Clark Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605

+1 (919) 832-0899

David A. Higginbotham writes:

Greg specializes in European automobile's. His daily driver is an 81 westfalia, same color as mine, we bumped into each other in the grocery store parking lot and swapped bio's. I have never had him do any work on my vehicle but there are always several vans and older busses and various European vehicles in front of his shop. He is easy to talk to and eager to talk VW, I have not idea of his prices, his shop is part of an older urban upscale shopping complex.

(Foreign Auto Service
    Technicians Inc.)
2786 Agua Fria
Santa Fe, NM 87501

+1 (505) 471-0326

"My '86 Westy decided to act up 100 miles east of Santa Fe. The long and the short of it is I found a wonderful shop to help me out.

"The owners name is Jim and his manager of 18 years is Jeb. Jeb is the man, I don't think I have met a more energetic or knowledgeable tech. These guys new I was stuck and did every thing they could to help me out, including letting me camp in their parking lot. They attack the problem by discussing the possibilities with me, and then trying the cheapest routes first. I was allowed to work with the tech 'Raul' who was responsible for my Westy, and he was very informative.

"If you live near Santa Fe, or find yourself stuck in the area give them a call, you will be pleasantly surprised."

Peter Noto

I would like to second Peter Noto's recommendation. I started using FAST about 14 years ago for a '77 VW bus which they kept going until my son took it to auto shop. Since 1994, I've continued to use their services for a '87 Vanagon with excellent results. Jim and Jeb are the kind of guys who are truly enthusiastic about car repair, not merely extremely competent (as are also the techs they employ.)

John A. deVries II

Community Volkswagen
404 Holtzman Ave.
Columbus, OH

+1 (800) 339-0119

"Specializes in Vans. Good alternative if Motorkars is too booked up."

Steven Shane

1020 King Ave.
Columbus, OH

+1 (614) 297-1811

Been in business for over 20 years. Works only on Volkswagons and Audis. Complete rebuilds, repairs, and maintenance. Up to date on all technical aspects, fair prices, excellent reputation. Four bays, four certified technicians. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for quality work done right the first time. Done business with them for 18 years.

Stark Hughes

Streetsboro Foreign Auto
9796 St. Rt. 14
Streetsboro, OH 44240

+1 (330) 626-2456

A good shop in the Northeastern Ohio area. The owner Elmar Kruza is an expert with vanagons has has a reputation of being fair and prompt.

M & M Automotive
21135 SW TV Hwy.
Aloha, OR 97006

+1 (503) 642-1622

Peggy Day writes:

Nick is very knowledgeable, and VW's are all that they fix. (July 2002)

Eugene, OR

+1 (541) 484-9162

Recommended by Ted Robinson:

"I have used Hug-a-bug here for over four years. My 1985 Westfallia runs great, and they always return it to ready to run, no problems down the road. The are also known as Thramer Brothers, I believe. Great brothers who love VWs."

Wagon Works
388 W. 133th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

+1 (541) 345-6414

Greg Baskin writes:

One of the two Scotts at Wagon Works is a Vanagon Master. It's a pleasure to work with these straight-shooting guys in a very small shop. I always drive away with confidence. Also, if you want to know the name of a Vanagon specialty shop in Eugene to *avoid*, drop me a note! (July 2002)

Obie's Import & Domestic Repair
1114 Southwest Frazer Ave.
Pendleton, OR 97801

+1 (541) 276-2061

Recommended by Jim Arnott:

"Obie is one of the good guys. His shop is THE factory authorized repair facility in NE Oregon. He has always done more than right by me. Knows them all. From 36 horse to VR E-vans. Has the parts contacts (if he doesn't have it on the shelf) and if you are on a serious budget, he'll tell you how to do it. Can't say enough good about him and his shop."

Steve's Imports
7273 SE 92nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97266

+1 (503) 771-6701

Kresge's Foreign Cars
539 2nd Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18018

+1 (610) 866-7925

They are extermely knowledgeable about Vanagons, and my personal experience with them has been excellent so far. – Ron Salmon of The Bus Depot

Dave's World Auto Repair
327 Linton Hill Road
Duncannon, PA 17020

+1 (717) 834-5894

Dave is excellent at trouble shooting Vanagon problems. Highly recommended. – Dietrich Thiessen (York,PA)

Wagenwerks, Inc.
1002 E. Willow Grove Ave.
Wyndmoor, PA 19038

+1 (215) 836-2506

The owner writes:

My name is Howard Pitkow and I own and operate Wagenwerks, Inc. in PA. I have been repairing Volkswagens for over 25 years and recently have had as many as 8 Vanagons at my shop in one day.

Carolina Bug Shop, Too
1633 H. Remount Rd.
N. Charleston, SC

+1 (803) 747-6001

Autohouse of Switzerland
3402 San Jacinto at Francis
Houston, TX

+1 (713) 523-2363

Excellent work and not as expensive as the dealers.

Seabrook, TX

+1 (281) 474-2553

Located near the corner of Hwy 146 and Nasa Road 1 in Seabrook. Very good work at a fair (much better than dealer) price. Have been doing VW since early 70's.

Tim's German Auto

2632 White Settlement Road
Ft. Worth, TX 76107

+1 (800) 257-8527

Matthew G Callah writes:

A VERY GOOD shop in TX is: They are the only one I will let work on my '89 (July, 2002)

Contract Auto Repair
4004 South West Temple
Murray, UT 84107

+1 (801) 266-1214

Charles Kondo writes:

I have a 1991 Westfalia that has required standard repair/replace (e.g., head gaskets, brakes) and custom work (e.g., hooking up a 2nd battery, custom S&S header kit). Contract Auto Repair has done an excellent job on all projects and at very reasonable prices. I recommend them very highly.

Craig's VW Repair
96 Elm Court
Colchester, VT 05446-1785

+1 (802) 951-5977

Jamie Balliett writes:

Craig is one of the most honest and caring people I've met. He's a real problem solver and not out to just ring up the bill. I just moved to Colorado and it was so sad to move from such a detail oriented and knowledgeable mechanic. The last time I saw him, he handed me his card and said, "Call me if you need help, on whatever, whenever." He meant it. On a road trip? Call him up a few days ahead and stop by.

Virginia Beach VW
4880 Haygood Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

+1 (757) 499-4040

Scott Johnson writes:

I have had excellent service, advice, and support from VBVW for 5 years.

Schaffner Motors Inc.
21705 Highway 99
Lynnwood WA 98036

+1 (425) 778-6900
+1 (425) 774-4265 fax

"In my thirty-five years of VW ownership, I consider the service provided by Rudi Schaffner / Schaffner Motors to be the best. I can recommend with full confidence their expert mechanical work and meticulous restoration, as well as their exceptional customer service."

M.J. Iverson, Seattle, WA

German Engine Service
621 State Avenue
Olympia, WA 98501


Lonecia Coffman writes:

"The owner, Bill Bourg, has been enjoying and working on VW's for over twenty years and he still has customers from when he started out working in his garage. As a matter of fact, my VW and I patronized his shop prior to my going to work for him.

We do full service repairs on all VW's and other German vehicles."

14045 Midvale Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98133

+1 (206) 365-1494

Saytay writes:

"Brad really knows what he is doing, but sometimes gets backed up."

Louis Foreign Auto
7301 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

+1 (206) 524-3366

Recommended by Scott Semyan & Todd Greenwood.

Don's Volkswagen Garage
821 Washington Ave.
Huntington, WV

+1 (304) 529-2890

Ray Nimmo writes:

"[...] specializes in older VW's, especially air-cooled but they have a substantial number of waterdrippers as well. I first began using their services about 12 years ago. The sole-proprietor Glenn is HONEST, HONEST, HONEST!!! Prices are quite reasonable as well."

Westside Automotive Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta

+1 (403) 489-8021

"They specialise in VW's and have fixed my Syncro Westie and assorted Rabbits and Sciroccos I have owned. There are very good and knowledgeable. Anyone travelling up to the Yukon via the Mackenzie highway will need to pass closely to Edmonton. If you have any problems give these guys a call. Tell them you heard about them on the internet." — Tony Schiebel

Mikasa Performance
6-4621 63 Street
Red Deer, AB, T4N 7A6

+1 (403) 348-5858

"I had my westy worked last summer passing through alberta canada. they were working on my 73 westy and 2 vanagons that day.. i owe these guys." — rob

The Bug Shop
11965-95th Ave
Delta, BC

+1 (604) 589-2236

Open M-F 9:00-17:30. Labour Rate: ~CA$49.00 / hour.

German Motor Car
2723A Murray
Port Moody, BC

+1 (604) 936-3999

Open M-F 7:30-17:00, Sa 9:00-15:00. Labour Rate: ~CA$56.00 / hour.

"I have been bringing my van to this place for a number of years and have nothing but high praise for these guys. Their estimates are routinely way below quotes I have received at other garages."

Chris Briar

Adria Import Car Service Ltd.
794 Broadway East
Vancouver, BC

+1 (604) 872-8512

Recommended by Roy:

They restored my 1985 Westy. Did a fabulous job. They are a little pricey, but do excellent work.

Blenheim Imports
2075 W. 12th
Vancouver, BC

+1 (604) 738-0910

Open M-F 7:30-17:30, Sa 7:30-15:00.

Beetle Auto Service
629 David St.
Victoria, BC

+1 (250) 382-1815

N2K writes "I have used this repair facility for many years. The place has I estimate 10 mechanics who specialize in VWs, Audi, Porsche, and diesels. It is a family-run operation, for many decades. I feel this is the best service department on the island, great value and honest."

E. K. Import Auto Service Ltd.
1043 Springfield Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2G 3T2

+1 (204) 663-8886
+1 (204) 669-3508 fax

Recommended by Roy:

"Frank Koesters (the owner) is as enthusiastic about VWs as the rest of us. He and his staff have been taking good care of my '87 Westfalia since 1994. Honest, reliable, knowledgeable, experienced... E.K. knows VWs!"

Frank Houle
Rockland, Ontario

+1 (613) 446-4656

Larry Johnson writes "I met this guy at Bug/Van events in Kingston and Toronto. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and knowledge. He has restored a prize winning T2 Bus."

Lorne Park Car Centre
Mississauge, Ontario

+1 (905) 823+8787

Ron Mighton writes that this is "a good shop with excellent VW mechanics who know Westfalias".

S.G. Spécialiste VW
215 Ave Laval
Laval, Quebec H7N 3V8

+1 (450) 669-1516

Normand Gagnon writes:

I go to this repair shop just north of Montréal, he's very good.

Garage Euro Technique
     de l'Auto Inc.

1094 St-Marc
Sherbrooke, Quebec

+1 (819) 564-1176

serge proteau writes:

They know all about bus, vanagon, syncro and westy. rates Cdn$38 / hour. They are located about 50km from the Vermont border.

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