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Blumenvasen ('flower vases') were traditional accessories in older vehicles. While out motoring about the countryside, Dad would pick a few wildflowers and stick them in the vase, adding a 'homey' touch to the car and scoring points with Mom.

I like the idea of blumenvasen, and I also like my van to feel as comfortable as any home, so soon after aquiring Beethoven I started hunting around for a vase or two. The ceramic blumenvasen with the rose decals are all too common but weren't what I was looking for... I wanted crystal.

Luckily, someone told me about 'East Coast' Joe Gunyan who manufactures a beautiful cut crystal bud vase in several colors. (The photo at the right shows a clear vase.) These vases are not cheap at around $75 apiece, but they're superior to anything else I've seen.

I bought one and mounted it on the 'C' pillars, on the driver's side of the van. This seems to be the best place for one in a Vanagon. You can mount a vase on the passenger side, but it needs to be removed whenever you fold up the bench seat. Luckily, Joe's quick-release mounting makes that easy. A driver's-side vase almost never needs to be removed.

Contact Joe

Joe Gunyan
944 East Cherry Road
Quakertown, PA 18951


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