Technical Articles & essays

Purchasing a Van

How to buy a Vanagon

An overview of buying a used Vanagon.

Used Bus Buyers' Guide

An excellent guide to buying a used bus. Applies primarily to air-cooled busses, but much off this also applies to Vanagons and EuroVans.

Importing a Vehicle into the United States

Information on the process of importing a vehicle into the United States.


Green Stuff Considered

A technical discussion of coolants and corrosion written by Gregory T. Fieldson. Interesting reading.

A Gearheads View of Wasserboxer Head Replacement

A detailed walk-through of head replacement written by Bob Donalds of Boston Engine.

Oil Pressure Problems

Do you have a problem with your oil pressure light coming on when idling under 2000 RPM? This article attempts to explain what's happening...

Water boxer low oil pressure at warm idle?

Yet another look at this common problem by Bob Donalds of Boston Engine.


Tires & wheels

More than you probably want to know about tires for your van. Includes recommended tires for the Vanagon and EuroVan.

Adding a second battery and charging system

A description of the electrical system in Beethoven, my 1990 Vanagon Westfalia camper. Features a 52 amp hour second battery under the drivers seat and a 1.5 amp trickle charger which feeds the battery when the van is plugged into a 120 volt power supply.

Adding a headlight switch relay

The stock Vanagon headlight switch works for the stock headlights, but if you wish to add more powerful lights, or just get a little more juice to the ones you have, this article tells you how to use relays to minimize current flowing through the stock switch.

Adding a passenger grab handle

Instructions on adding a grab handle on the passengers' side, as well as some warnings about what can go wrong.

AirLift suspension tests

Peter Buettner tests a $70 add-on air suspension system, and finds that it improves the ride on both 2WD and 4WD Vanagons.

Suburu vs. Golf engine replacements

David Marshall compares two popular replacement engines for the Vanagon.

Owner's Manual

Words of Warning

Various things that you should know so that you don't cause damage to your van.

How to interpret a Vanagon's VIN code

The meaning of the VIN code for 1981-1991 Vanagons, as well as an address where you can write for more information on your van, such as the date it rolled off the assembly line.

Vanagon Vent Controls

Do you really understand them? This article tells all.

Syncro viscous coupling & differential lock FAQ

A discussion of the syncro system and how it works written by certified SyncroHead Jim Davis.

Laundering Instructions

Cleaning the Pop-Top

How to make your Westfalia pop-top look as good as new.

Refrigerator Info

Refrigerator Madness, Part 1

The Grandaddy of reefer manuals. Pretty technical, but a LOT of useful information. Derek Drew is known for his meticulous research, and it shows here.

Refrigerator Madness, Part 2

The second installment of the Grandaddy of reefer manuals

Dometic Fridge basics

A nuts & bolts description of problems and solutions with the propane operation of the Dometic fridge in your Westy.

Lighting the Dometic 182B

How to get your Westy's fridge lit, and some other tips on efficient usage.

The Dometic Owner's Manual

In Adobe Acrobat format. Courtesy of David Beierl

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