Accessorizing tragedies

This page lists some accessory errors that many vanagon owners make. If this page helps just one owner avoid a costly mistake, keep one gentle soul from disfiguring their beautiful van with an ugly modification, then as God is my witness, I shall never go hungry again!!!

Map pocket

There's a really useful map pocket on the drivers' side of every Vanagon, but VW didn't put one on the passenger side. Did they forget? Are German passengers forbidden from navigation duties?

Over and over, Vanagon owners find a map pocket on a junkyard Vanagon, return home, and install it onto the passenger door. There are even screw holes pre-drilled in the door for the pocket.

Then, while driving down the road, the passenger reaches down to get something out of the glovebox. D'oh! The new map pocked keeps the glove box from opening.

One listmember reports, however, that the map pocket *can* be mounted a few inches back. This hasn't been confirmed. As with all modifications to your van, measure three times, then measure again. In this case, use double-sided tape to attach the map pocket, then check for clearance from the glove box and chair arm. Make sure you can get to the pocket from the passenger seat. Make sure that your seat still swivels. Live with it a little while before you drill holes in the door.

Front speakers

If you replace your front speakers with an aftermarket brand (and this is a probability), make sure the speaker covers fit completely flush to the door panel. If you don't, the window crank will not operate!

If you've made this mistake, or you absolutely need to install those kickin' speakers, then you can use spacer washers to make the window crank fit further out from the door. Of course, if you have power windows, this doesn't apply to you.

Got a warning you want to share? Were mistakes made? Send me your warning and help a kindred soul.

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