The Vanagon Community (First rule: Wave!)

Vanagon users are incredibly wonderful people. There are no other vehicles where the drivers feel like such special members of an exclusive club. We also have our own online community, and it's just as lively and friendly. You'll find a wonderful Vanagon user community on the Vanagon Mailing List.

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What's a Mailing List?

At its core, a mailing list is a computer that has an email address. It also keeps a list of subscribers. Whenever email is sent to the computer's email address, it forwards that email message to each of its subscribers.

If you reply to messages from the list, your reply will go to the list member who sent the message. If you 'reply to all', then your reply will also go to the list. This ensures that casual responses (like "I agree!") don't clutter up the list. If you do a 'reply to all', you're making an explicit choice to send your reply to the thousands of people who subscribe to the mailing list.

The Vanagon mailing list also offers a digest. Because the list is quite active, the volume of mail can get overwhelming. If you subscribe to the digest, you will never get more than one or two email messages a day. Each digest starts with a handy index to all of the messages it contains.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the Vanagon mailing list, send an email message that looks like this:

subscribe vanagon your name

Where "your name" appears, type in Tom Jones, Brian Yamanaka, or whatever your name may be. Send the message. You should get a reply from the Vanagon mailing list within a few hours, indicating that your subscription request was received and forwarded to an administrator for approval.

This is where the human part comes in – In order to keep annoying spammers off the list, each subscription request must be manually approved by an administrator. It may take up to 48 hours for your request to be processed – please be patient!

How to Get Digests

The Vanagon mailing list sends out lots of messages. If you receive these individually, it can be quite overwhelming. Some subscribers find that getting larger 'message digests' can help manage the flow of mail. In 'Digest mode', the vanagon mailing list with send out one or two messages daily. Each of these messages will contain multiple individual messages.

To subscribe in digest mode, subscribe normally. Once you've begun receiving messages from the mailing list, send the following message:

set vanagon digest

Send the message and you should get a confirmation from the Vanagon mailing list within a few hours.

Turning Off Messages (temporarily)

The Vanagon mailing list allows you to turn off the flow of messages temporarily. This is useful, for example, when going on vacation. To turn off messages temporarily, send the following message:

set vanagon nomail

Send the message and you should get a confirmation from the Vanagon mailing list within a few hours. Note: Messages will not be saved for you while you're in 'nomail' mode, but you can always find them in the archive.

Unsubscribing from the List

To leave the Vanagon mailing list, send the following message:

unsubscribe vanagon

You should get a confirmation from the Vanagon mailing list within a few hours. We're sorry to see you go!

Sending Messages to the List

Before you post to the list, read the page on Community Etiquette. You'll save yourself from making horrible faux-pas, and you'll appear to be the smoothest vanagon driver in cyberspace.

To start a new conversation, send a message to Please use a descriptive subject so that people who are interested in that topic will read (and respond to) your message.

You can also reply to any message you get from the Vanagon list to send a response to the person who wrote the message, or a 'reply to all' to send a reply to the entire list. If you're sending to the entire list, please delete any extra text that you might be 'quoting' when responding to a message. This is especially true when replying to a digest message. Also try to use 'reply to all' only if you think that your reply is of interest to the entire list.

Learn More

There are even more ways that you can use the Vanagon mailing list. To learn more, visit the mailing list web site.

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